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Crop cover is the new and economic system to protect outdoor crops against rain, wind insects etc. It is a low cost structure made of galvanized tubes, connectors and long lasting greenhouse film.


In this type, the roof film is fixed on the structure with tension cables. The film can be lifted up and down manually to allow ventilation.

Excess drain water will drop down between each bay, but your crop remains dry.

Available Sizes
Crop cover Eco 600 (bay width 6.00 mtr.)
Crop cover Eco720 (bay width 7,20 mtr.)

Your Advantag

  • Reduced disease problems.
  • Reduction in the use of pesticide to an absolute minimum.
  • Harvesting can continue during rainy weather.
  • Saving on fertilizer: no wash out by rain.
  • Improved crop quality.
  • Advanced harvesting time, the crop grows faster and gives a higher yield.

Crop Cover with Gutter Vent

This middle has a fixed open roof vent and a simple rain gutter.

The film is fixed on the structure with steel clips.

Available Sizes
Crop Cover 600 with Gutter and Vent (bay width6.00mtr.)
Crop Cover 720with Gutter and Vent (bay width 7.20mtr.)


Typically used for

  • Growing flowers like Carnations, Lillies, Statice, Aster, Calla etc.
  • Vegetables such as Beans, Tomato, Peppers, Peas, Lettuce etc.
  • Protecting seed beds and young plants from rain, wind and insects.


Dimensions CropCover ECO 600 Crop Cover ECO 720
Bay Width 6.0 Mtr. 7.2 Mtr.
Span 2.5 Mtr. 2.5 Mtr.
Gutter Height 2.25 Mtr. 2.25 Mtr.


Dimensions CropCover 600 with Gutter & Vent Crop Cover 720 with Gutter & Vent
Bay Width 6.0 Mtr. 7.2 Mtr.
Span 3.0 Mtr. 3.0 Mtr.
Gutter Height 2.25 Mtr. 2.25 Mtr.
Vent Opening 0.75 Mtr. 0.75 Mtr.

The advantage is yours!

The Crop Cover has been developed in collaboration with European partners. State of the art Greenhouse technology from Europe and talent and skills from India, ensure a synergy that is almost impossible to match.
A maintenance free structure, fully galvanized and covered with superior 3 layer film. Very easy and fast to build, even with unskilled labour. All components are prefabricated, the modular system can be built in any size in multiples of the modular sizes...just perfect!

A Modular System

Any Crop Cover dimension can be built based on the modular sizes.


Galvanized prefab steel elements in concrete. For easy moving from one place to another we can provide Screw anchors (no concrete required).

Rain Water

Specially designed Aluminum gutters.

Corrosion Protection

All components are hot dipped galvanized or are made of  Aluminum.

Side Ventilation

The side and front gables are provided with fixed Polyam insect netting. Optionally we can provide a roll up system for the insect netting.

Fixation of the film

Fixed with steel clips. No plastic parts are used.

Film cover

A wide range of high quality films with very long durability are available.

  • Imported from Europs.
  • 3layer co-extruded formulation; high EVA content.
  • Maxi diffused film with a cooling effect during the day and thermic effect during the night.
  • Maxi Solar film with a very high transparency.
  • Maxi Long Life film with a high sulphur resistance

Greenhouse Doors

Single or double sliding dorrs can be fitted at any place in the sides.


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